10 thoughts on “An open letter to Jean (last name withheld), the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound

  1. This story should be deleted from every site it has circulated to. The writer should be so unbelievably ashamed of herself for spewing such venomous hatred toward another human being. She has zero knowledge of Jean’s circumstances….zero! I really wish you wouldn’t have reblogged his 😦

    1. Hi Sarah

      Whatever the circumstances may be, leaving behind a family member is not an option. If you have checked my blog even i am a pet owner and even if i am broke she would be the last thing with me which i would never let go of. Giving excuses blaming the circumstances is not a right thing dear! If you want i will delete the story, but let me tell you one thing, when you bring home a dog he trusts you and he cares for you the most and when time turns bad, you leave that very member behind who had no one else but only you in this world is not a right thing!!!! Thank You!!!

  2. Aw, this is often times, I don’t understand why some don’t realized that pets if you treated them well and love them they will be the most trusted member of the family. Before I don’t have pets but when I found the site of rumpy it made me convinced to try one. I am happy to have one, his 6 months old now.

  3. I wouldn’t delete this story, Kruti, and although I can understand when or if circumstances turn bad, there are many more loving options out there for our loving and devoted pets who trust us unconditionally…I’m a dog owner and lover, so I’m a little biased in saying that I disagree with Sarah’s comment. The only thing I understand, as I mentioned above, is we have no idea of Jean’s situation. But, even in the worst of times, I could never take my dog to a high kill shelter…I just couldn’t do that, but that’s me…You have every right to reblog and she has every right to comment. You also have the right to delete her comment if you want to…

    1. Thanks lauren!! But i still stick to the fact that i have no sympathy for jean!! whatever her circumstances may be!!! Atleast shez a human who can speak and express and she did something to a sick baby who cannot speak for herself!!! Imagine what all cocoa might have gone through at that very moment when jean left her at pound. And her form clear;y says that she shifted to a pet free apartment. I mean is this the reason to leave your furchild behind!???? NO…….Not at all!!! jean knew it well that cocoa was so sick!!!! I really cannot forgive any person doing such things to creatures who cannot speak for themselves and who had trusted their human companions!!…..There are many such people out in this world who buy a dog and when the dog is sick they leave it somewhere to die on its own!!!! such stories sicken me to the core and such people do not deserve any kind of sympathy!!!

  4. You’re probably not going to like what I have to say, but I’m inclined to side with Sarah here. That post is cruel.

    Look, whatever you may feel about your animals, you can never truly know what is going on with Jean. Judging her does not help animals and it does not change her. What it DOES do is make many people believe that animal welfare advocates are heartless bastards that care nothing about human beings. Yep, that’s what many people think of us.

    I understand the writer’s pain. But instead of focusing on the problem, we need to find some solutions. Shaming people is not a solution.

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