BAKED LIFE – A Rural Love Story

And we think only we can love? Have you ever imagined how a poor would survive in a love story. Even below middle class has an amazing love story which involves love, sacrifice and commitment.

This is the story of Sharda, my maid. She is 18 years old and works as a maid in many household around me including mine. The reason why I am putting her story here is due to the fascination which I felt after hearing it. We all have so many regrets in life and when I listen to such stories I feel “we have regrets even when we have so much and they have nothing and they live happily”

Vivek is a peon working in a big multinational company and handling office chores like taking out prints and serving tea and coffee to the guests. Also he works as a night watchman and you might think that he does it to earn those extra perks?? NO

When Sharda fell in love with Vivek they immediately put forward the proposal in front of their parents. While Vivek’s parents were “ok” with the relationship, Sharda’s mother was against it. She wanted her daughter to marry someone from Rajasthan (that’s where they belong to). She already has her elder daughter undergoing lot of pain and trouble after being married to an alcoholic from Rajasthan. Sharda tried to explain her mom that Vivek is educated man (he studied till 12th while Sharda has never been to school). and that she did not want her life like her elder sister and wanted to marry Vivek because he is “educated and earns good” (Vivek earns 8000 rs which is quite good for people of their status). Sharda’s mother went violent and started hitting her daughter. She even sent Sharda to their native village for almost 2 months but that did not decrease the love between Sharda and Vivek. While Sharda was about to leave for her village where her mother was sending her, Vivek met her secretly at the next bus stop and handed her a small phone. Even though he earns 8000rs a month he gifted a phone worth 2000 rs so that he could speak with her whenever required.

Sharda was back to Ahmadabad after 2 months and now her mother did not allow her to step out of the house in they fear that she would meet Vivek. There is a residency bungalow right opposite where Sharda stays and Vivek works as a night watchman there so that he could see her once a day. Money doesn’t come anywhere. He works from 9 am to 7 pm in the office and gets tired and still works as a night watchman to see the love of his life.

Current Happening’s: Vivek’s mom and dad visited Sharda’s mom to try and explain her to let the lovers be united but her mother started abusing them. Sharda and Vivek plans to run away and get married.
A girl similar to sharda


5 thoughts on “BAKED LIFE – A Rural Love Story

  1. Is that a picture of Sharda? My goodness she is beautiful! No wonder Vivek wants to marry her. This is such a common story in India and in Bangladesh too (I suspect in a lot of Asian countries). Love marriages are viewed with suspicion and too often the best interests of the man and woman involved are of least concern.

    I hope that the two young lovers will manage to be together but also to heal rifts with her mother. It is never good when you have a broken relationship with a parent. I wish them all well.

    1. No that is not sharda…but this is of someone similar to her. She looks quite like this female and i just a bit darker. I haven’t taken a picture of her but i think i should take it and post it. Do promote her story!!! A lot of people need to understand this. Indeed Sharda is beautiful too.

  2. I heard numerous cases like this but every time it touch me deeply. I remembered the time I was asking myself why do they need to follow the tradition and culture in marriage that the parents need to agree first before everything settled. Parent’s know what is best for their children but not at all times. I am hoping parents see what is truly best for their son and daughter, let them decide what is best for them.

  3. I dream of a time in this world when there will be no more rich and poor, and love will be supported above all. Is it possible among humans, as flawed as we are? I don’t know, but I live in hope. A lovely story you’ve shared; I hope that Sharda and Vivek will find their lives intertwined in peace, and soon.

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