Signs of Life

I entered the bathroom throwing away my clothes here and there. My hands were numb with morning cold and I move ahead to turn on the water tap. It was drizzling outside and I could hear the water drops scatting against the window of my room. The sky was darker than usual and I had no intentions of going to the office. I had already used all available leaves and had no other option but to lazily drag myself up to the bathroom, have bath and run to the office. I looked like a zombie in the morning cold. My eyes were pouted out due to lack of sleep and the atmosphere was nostalgic making me sleepier. Entering the bathroom I closed my door and sat on the bath stool. I took water from the bucket and started pouring it on myself.
“Chee chee chee ghuu ghuu” Some sounds I could hear and it tinkled in my ears. I look around to detect the location of the sound.
It repeated “ghooo ghoo…chu chu” it was small and feeble.
Suddenly I realized it was coming from the ventilation window of the bathroom. I stood up and kept the bath stool near window. I climbed up on it to see what it was.
Incredible view, precious, signs of life – 2 small pigeon babies had just emerged out of the shell. The mother was overjoyed and was making small sounds as if talking to her babies. I lost all my sleep and was back to the world. My lips curved in a soft smile and I stood there gazing the new born’s for a long time.


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