Disappearance of SUN forever!!

What if you wake up in the morning and see no Sun Rise?? Seems like a dangerous thought right? How much we hate the scorching sunlight but we really need it and that’s a universal fact. Without sun we would literally have to eliminate the “green” color from our lives.

Normally green is associated with greenery and vegetation but without sun there wouldn’t be any greenery left. Plants undergo the process of photosynthesis and it is essential factor for their survival. Absence of sunlight would end up photosynthesis. About 99%of natural production on the surface of the earth is credited to sun.
Relax!! The sun is not going anywhere and this just a thought that came up to my mind. Now there is one more thing which I am sure no one would have thought of. Do you realize the importance of sun for the earth to rotate in its orbit? Without sun there won’t be gravitational pull and just imagine what can happen without gravitational pull? Our earth would be a flying object in the space.

Now, that’s bad!! Sun not only keeps the planets warm but also keeps them in the proper orbit. Terms like “gravity” and “mass” would lose all of its importance.
Whether it’s human or small bacterium, everyone receives the energy from sunlight. Those little fishes that stay in the bottom of the ocean may have never seen sunlight, but they do flourish due to presence of sunlight. They receive energy from it. There is a sundry ecosystem under the ocean bed which is dependent on sunlight. Now let’s not get deeper in to how sunlight can actually help them survive. Internet is flooded with articles on survival of marine life due to sunlight.
What about the oxygen?? Without sunlight the amount of oxygen that we get would perish away and suddenly earth would be covered with a chilled blanket. We would be able to sustain life for few years but not forever. It would be night all the time. Artificial lights would be the only source of illumination.

That’s a horrible thought and it definitely gives me chill while I think about it. Earth’s temperature would go down below the freezing point and slowly would make every living thing inactive. Some species deep in the ocean may survive but they would be floating around in entire universe without sun and its gravitational pull.
Moon, so beautiful symbolizing love gets its light from the sun. So does it mean, no Sun no Moon!!! Yes!! May be!! All the celestial bodies like moon and stars shine brighter due to the light they get from sun. Without sun the stars and moon would stay dead. OMG, there’s a list of event which would fail to occur without sunlight. Atmosphere, gases. Airplanes, satellites….and don’t know what!!! Suddenly life would be paused.
There’s this place on the earth named “Iceland”. They won’t be much concerned I am sure! Iceland uses 87% geothermal energy as a source of light in houses. There’s this option of volcanic heat which would help people to survive for next 100 years but what after that?
The discussion is ongoing and can never end. The importance of sun in our life is beyond words. Life cannot be imagined without sunlight. Whether we are aware or not, but we are dependent on sun and its light for smallest of things. Well to be frank, I do not fear that sun would perish; I think we ourselves would be our future killers with the amount of waste we are spreading in the world.

Life without sun
Life without sun

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