Materialistic Happiness!!

There I sit on the edge of the wall with a cup of coffee. Hot steam moves up in the air creating a fog. The white smoke moving up creates a pattern that hallucinate me. I move back in to my world of imagination and this is one thing which comes back again and again: MATERIALISTIC HAPPINESS

We all run behind materialistic things. Things which can be earned by money and it make us happy. How long does it last? What all you sacrifice to attain it? A lot more than one can imagine. Ask me, I have lost 3 years of my precious life where I would have been enjoying life roaming here and there. I lost it to someone’s materialistic pleasures of earning money. It has entirely changed the concept of becoming a successful person. In a quest to gain the materialistic pleasures, we have forgotten the true definition of real happiness.

Here we all enter the plastic and artificial face of life. It would be too late when we finally realize what we lost.

I came across this quote by Patti Smith “Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don’t abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book.” So beautiful, if one can understand the hidden message.

What hurts the most is when loved ones are left behind in this quest of achieving the materialistic pleasures. Life demands more and it’s in our hands to control the pleasures. We have been taught this that living life means finding pleasure in materialistic things. Someday, someone will bring the balance back. We can only hope while we all are slaves of materialistic world.

materialistic pleasures
materialistic pleasures


2 thoughts on “Materialistic Happiness!!

  1. In my life the only thing that I found of value is the love of our Creator, which is always consistent and never changing! I let go of material things, which cannot buy the spirit’s love seed that those who seek him receive within their spirit. When one changes from selfish to selfless they blossom and grow as the Lords love shines down upon them feeding them with great spiritual energy! And when passed to another many buds will blossom within them and with simple acts of love will be passed to another’s spirit and will multiply endlessly. There is certain ongoing eternal peace in feeding our spirits ‘genuine love’, one that serves others first before ourselves! Your messages are always on point! Spiritual blessings and hugs!

    1. Thanks Wendell…. Its true…but people this day find more comfort in material happiness than the real ones!!! if i start writing on this concept i think i will make a book :)….. Do keep coming 🙂

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