Our Story :) :D

I love this post !!!

Kruti Mehta

Adam had this golden stone
very beautiful, very rare
kruti saw the stone
from a afar distance she was watching the stone
she decided to steal the stone
she succeeds
she steals it
she runs away from planet nyasa
she enters earth
adam gets angry
he sends angry fishes to earth
these fishes are bad fishes
they attack humans
these fishes search for kruti
they found kruti
they are ready to attack kruti
they attack!!!
they thrown stones on her
they throw golden powder on her
she gets scared
powder turns her to gold
she is a golden statue now
fishes take her back to Nyasa
Adam is happy

Ho Ho Ho says adam.

Adam sold the statue to mean people so they could lick it and then melt it down to make nose rings for their pets.  😦

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