Hidden in the valley of nature – The Khajurao of Chhattisgarh

424570_3339067836283_1814433024_n418397_3357457736019_900014682_n424093_3339062796157_1508044748_nStories about prince and princesses getting lost in the forest and finding an enchanted house in the middle of the forest!! Somewhat similar is the location of Bhoramdeo Temple. Around 17 kms east of Kawardha (on the Raipur-Jabalpur highway) is the small village of Chairagaon. The temple of BhoramdeoMahadev is positioned at this place. It is a very sanctified and sacred place and has started attracting lots of tourists. The reason behind this is its startling carvings and ancient artworks. The temple holds a high level of resemblance to the famous southern attraction – THE TEMPLE OF KHAJURAO. The place is blessed with sculptures depicting the cultural civilization that might have prevailed during that time duration. The scenic beauty is another attraction of the place. The place can be described as perfect mix of art and culture. People from all over the world visits the place and are astounded on seeing the scenic beauty there. The temple is surrounded by Maikal range of mountains on all the sides. It is indeed a mesmerizing location. Significance:
The temple is said to be have built in eleventh century A.D. It was built by Nagvanshi King Devraj. Visiting the place you would hear many stories associated with the place. The name Bhoramdeo is just one name out of many names of lord Shiva.
It is said that Bhoramdeo was the head of kings and was extremely devoted towards Lord Bhoramdeo. This is the reason behind them building this temple. Entering the temple one can find various things scripted inside the temple which speaks about the inception of this place. No one knows the exact date and period of formation of this temple but an idol of the saint present inside the temple has the year of inception engraved on its base, on which it has been assumed that the temple was constructed during the reign of Nagvanshi King Gopaldev.
Magnificent Beauty:
The temple is situated in the lap of a beautiful valley. In the close vicinity if the temple is located an enchanting lake which adds up to its beauty. The architecture of the temple is very similar to the temples of khajurao. The art and the sculptures consisted by these temple are based on nagar style. It consists of three different gates to enter.
This temple has been fabricated on a high raised area and the way through all the three gates extents the pavilion. Four pillars can be seen in the center of the pavilion. Stunning and detailed drawings can be seen on these pillars. Idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are sited in the temple. Various different idols can be seen in the central part of the temple. A Shivlinga is placed in the intermediateregion of all these idols.
This Shivlinga is venerated. An idol of a five-headed snake (Naag) is also present in the center of this temple. Various festivals are also planned in this temple. Bhoramdev festival is organized in the month of March every year. A huge crowd is present during this time in the temple. This outstanding festival is ansubstantiation of the sumptuousness of this place and its culture.

From Chairagaon village, a road leads left to another smaller Shiva temple, popularly known as the MandwaMahal. It was built in 1349 AD to venerate the marriage of the Nagavanshi ruler, Ramachandra with the Haihaya princess, Ambika Devi. The temple is infamous due to its erotic sculptures.

Road to Bhoramdeo
From Kawardha there is a smaller road to Bhoramdeo which snakes through the low hills and legitimately thick forests. There is hardly any habitation along the way and the road was empty except for the occasional moped or two.
How to reach:
By Air :- Raipur(134 kms) is the nearest airport connected with Delhi, Mumbai , Magpur, Bhuneshwar, Kolkata , Ranchi , Viskhapatnam and Chennai.
By Rail :- Raipur is the nearest Railway station on the Bombay-Howarah main line.
By Road:- Taxis are available from Kawardha(18 Kms). Regular Buses ply from Raipur(116 Kms.), Rajnandgaon(133 Kms.) and Jabalpur(220 Kms.) to Kawardha.



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