Pouring my Heart Out!!

Life has not been good to me as far as friends are concerned. …… I never had a steady friend. People came and went away. There’s a age where every Indian girl reaches and is totally lonely if she is not married. That age is 25. If you have not married anyone and if you are staying far away from your boyfriend than this age kills you. Apart from the hormonal changes that tends to turn you in to a vampire everything else irritates. So happened with me. As i said i have been very unlucky as far as friends are concerned. I always had friends in my happy times and none in my bad time. For me the definition of friendship if very different from the rest of the world. While people might be defining it blessed, boon and happiness, i coin it as a BAD EXPERIENCE. I believe whatever you do for someone it would end up being less for them. They would be satisfied with your efforts.

Sometimes i ask myself. why cant you be happy alone. But that is a human tendency that without sharing things with anyone you cannot be contended. I blog when i am full. This is a place where i pour my heart out.

Truly said – Life is the best and the worst experience for one and all.


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