A lucky Charm

I am sure all of you must be having something or other which you consider as your lucky charm. Some have a coin, while some consider a feather they must have found sitting by the side of the river as your lucky charm. For me lucky charm is not any object, but its a person 🙂 / Yes !! A person

Do any one have a charm in that form? For me, My bf is my lucky charm. Why do have charms?? How do you consider it to be your lucky charm? When you got that particular thing with you good things crossed your path. YES!! good things crossed my path too… After i met him… There are some people with whom you connect at the first go and so it happened to me. I met him 2 years back and we connected instantly…. He has been my friend, my mentor, tutor, best friend and above all the love of my life. Playing all this role together is not an easy job. But yes!! he did play it well. And so i can proudly say that i do not need a lucky charm in my life…… I have him and i know life would be good.

After a week is his Birthday and hence i an dedicating this post to him. I would like him to know that he really means a lot and he is the reason behind my smile. I wish him all the happiness in the world.



3 thoughts on “A lucky Charm

  1. Awesome 🙂 Hatzz Off!!
    I guess this wud be d best gift, till date for him!! 😀
    HappY Birthday Buddy!! Long Live & I wish yur Sizzling chemistry will soon turn out 2 b a Happy couple 🙂

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