When i was just a little girl….

My room wall which i recently painted

Long back … when i was 10…i used to paint paint and paint….. painting walls, painting cards and even canvas at such a young age. Thought painting would be my career. …. wanted to become an architect….but all is well that ends well….. i landed up in journalism :D. Never had written anything till then but when that pen came in my hand it worked wonders. I have still not left it.

This makes me think about how unpredictable life can be. You never know whats in the box you. Though i am not painting anymore (Apart form the hobby) but still my creative approach got an edge. I brand companies these days. With innovative ideas and approaches i help them reach masses. Also my CONTENT WRITING firm is doing pretty well. No regrets with whatever i got and whatever i did not. Infact with writing gave me friends. I met all you wonderful people on wordpress. Alsomy clients are not less than friends.

Just a random thought which came to my mind…. this post may not make much sense..but it has lots of emotions behind it.


8 thoughts on “When i was just a little girl….

  1. It is phenomenal how life unfolds. We have so many dreams and aspirations, but as we grow we develop new talents and tastes. Growing up, I wanted to be a dancer, but here I am a writer. It’s amazing how we change.

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