Token of Appreciation

Hello friends…. i havent been blogging a lot or i should say it was not at all for quite some time now….. i had been undergoing several things at the same time…some mental trauma’s, a new working plan, and some quick changes in life…. but i would like to tell you all that i really missed you….especially Adam, Lauren, Rose and The twin sisters 🙂 🙂

I had started blogging to get rid of my free time and avoid getting bored. But meeting you all here gave a meaning to this blog. Adam made a lot of difference to my life……in a way he listened to my sad thoughts 🙂 :)… All others appreciated my write up’s and i a way motivated me to write more…..

I love you all……. I value every person who took out that second from his/her life to read my blog




7 thoughts on “Token of Appreciation

  1. We love you dearly, Kaytee. So pleased to see you coming out of the other end of whatever tunnel you were in. We open our arms to you, dear.

  2. You are loved and missed Kaytee! I’m praying things will soon be looking up for you and also Adam sounds like a wonderful friend. Sending hugs your way! 🙂

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