Something dreamt and forgotten – By Adam Brown (Graydon Blye) – My 100th post

By Adam Brown

The girl is wearing ragged teal pajamas with tiny images of cartoon

characters on them. Over this she is wearing a greasy brown winter
coat with a matted fur collar. She is holding out a rose. It is pink
and missing petals. Her eyes are wide and make her look younger than
her years. The flower shakes. You assume she wants you to buy it.
You fish around for your wallet and out of the wad of cash you slip a
one. You hold it out and reach for the flower. She snatches the
dollar and shoves it in her coat pocket. You lay hand on the rose but
she snatches it back. You are pricked by a thorn. You check and see
that you do not bleed. You take the girl’s hand gently and lead her
to your apartment. You do not say a word. After her filthy feet have
stained your perfect sheets you lay holding each other. She turns and
tossles your hair. You give her a little kiss as she slips out of bed
and back into her pajamas. You see the amazing tattoo of a dove she
has on her fly. While she’s shrugging into the bottoms its wings flap
as though it is going to magically fly off of her and out the window.
You lay there covered only by a sagging sheet as she turns to go. She
reaches the door, turns back to you, and says in a voice hinting at
comforted joy mixed with weary wisdom “Halleluiah.” Then she’s gone
forever. You lie there. Something is lost from your heart but there
are new things there that are wild and strewn with confetti.

(He narrated this story when i was not feeling good….. God gives us friends in disguise…As a pen friend he is angel friend to me )


5 thoughts on “Something dreamt and forgotten – By Adam Brown (Graydon Blye) – My 100th post

  1. Wonderful to see how Adam is a pen/angel friend to you. This post is very evocative of the scripture lesson, “Welcome in strangers; for by so doing, you entertain angels unaware.”

    1. You know… i don’t think when i write. I just let it flow from the depths. You guys read so much more into this piece that i considered a throw away… You made me love it. Thank you 🙂

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