Try – if it makes you smile!!

Melvin lived at that far end of the village road in a small puddle. Melvin was the cutest little pig you must have ever come across. He had three sisters and two brothers. Though his one sister and one brother had already relocated somewhere Melvin still stayed at this water puddle with beebee, smokey and porkey.
Beebee and smokey were very cute and they loved wearing frills. Melvin used to roam around at the far distance places in search of frills from the garbage and get it for his two pretty sisters. Melvin always stalked the garbage at every place as this was his favorite location. Also he managed to get too many pretty frills from this garbage near an old woman’s house.
The old women had a business of sewing clothes. Pretty human girls would come to old women and say:
“grandma, can we have something beautiful made for us?”
“sure pretty angels, tomorrow you may pick it up” replied old women.
Whole night grandma would sew ,sew and sew and in the morning pretty dresses were ready. The left over frills from the dress would go in the garbage. Melvin had his eye on the garbage. Every morning he used to run there and get the frills before it becomes dirty staying with other garbage. Beebee and smokey avoided garbage as it was too smelly.
Melvin would step in the smelly garbage for his sisters. His love for his sisters was beyond compare. Every day when Melvin returned back he was all smelly and bad. The humans who met him across the way would tease him calling him “smelly pig” . It became a belief after that, that the pigs are smelly creature. Melvin got hurt with comments but he wouldstil step in the garbage for his sisters.
There was a pine tree in the same forest which was the home to two little forest fairies named “wincy” and “satin”. Wincy and satin were observing Melvin daily. They were highly touched by his devotion towards his sister. One day wincy changed her form and distinguished herself as a little boy and went to Melvin
“hey piggy…you are so cute, why do you step in to the garbage and become dirty”
“my sisters loves frills, I need to get it for them” replied back Melvin
“they themselves can also come and pick it up”
“No!! they don’t like being dirty” replied Melvin
“they why do you opt to get dirty for them”
“they are my little sisters and I love them a lot. It’s my responsibility to care for them and get them whatever they want” answered Melvin
His answer touched wincy. She got tears in her eyes and immediately was back to her real fairy form. Melvin was standing there spell bounded looking at wincy.
“Melvin!! Your devotion is much appreciated and today I am granting you a boon that wherever you go you would smell great…there would be this sweet smell coming from your body which would be loved by everyone”
Melvin was no more a smelly pig. People loved him now. Kids came to play with him and soon Melvin became everyone’s favorite pig.

Note: – we all learn an important lesson from this story. Never judge anyone by their looks. Look in to their heart and peep in to their souls


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