An encounter with the True Face

Emotions take us to a very different level. Different people tend to behave differently with emotions flowing in their head like a river. some may not react on it instantly and some do it like very fast. Emotions make you all together a different person and it hides the real you. The real you is someone ho is free from every bondage and is living a normal life. All struck with multiple emotions flowing in head are not the normal ones. They are different but special. People or the world have named them Bipolar or Mentally imbalanced but they are the noblest of souls. Their problem is they cant cheat and they live a real life. they react to emotions ‘coz things affect them. Such people are often misunderstood with mental illness. I would not call them suffering from mental illness. They are just the noble ones.


3 thoughts on “An encounter with the True Face

  1. These are the people Kermit sang about. “The Lovers and Dreamers and ME”

    If we lost all of those who felt PASSION so strongly they could burst we would deprive humanity of its lifeblood, of its soul, of its reason for blessedly being. The Passionate ones are the owners of the earth because only we have the capacity to FEEL it.


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