Little bit of LOVE

Hello friends….it’s been long that i haven’t posted anything nice on my blog…… I wasn’t blogging since a long time…My todays post is dedicated to LOVE.

while i was sitting on the terrace at my own peace…..A thing came to my mind……… relations – what are relations? we all have various relations existing in our life – with our mom, dad, brother, sister etc…….But did you ever realise that life has gifted you something very special. A special relation which is called LOVE. All the other relations you have with you are from your birth and childhood. But eventually as you grew up life gifted you love.

You meet someone and you fall in love. This is all given by life. Gifts are always precious and every gift should be taken care of. So should this gift be!!! If you have love prevailing in your life respect it, admire it and most importantly trust it. Do not allow the negative shadows and clouds take over you and harm your love life. Love itself is very powerful to fight the strongest of things. No matter what comes in way love will fight it all.

i met friends recently for whom love has been miraculous medicine…and for some it has been a boon.

Have you ever realized…whenever you are hurt and the doctor cleans up your wound with the medicine hurts like hell….But the same medicine would help in healing the wound faster…..same happens with the relations…they hurt in the beginning…. but they would be the strongest later on.

Dont forget to tell your love once a day that you really truely love him/her.


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