The DOD story

As written by Adam Brown

Dod was barking again.  Krutaplati, his owner, was just a young boy.  He didn’t know how to stop his little puppy from barking and barking every day at the robots who passed by.  Krutaplati was so sad.  He was afraid if Dodo kept barking his father would make him give dod away.  “They are just robots, dod.  Do not be angry,” Krutaplati would say over and over.  When he could think of nothing else he would put Dod into his little crate.

Dod hated being in his crate almost as much as he hated the robots.  He did not hate all of the robots, just the red ones.  The red ones shot at him with horrible rays that made his skin itch and his ears whine.  They were so mean.  Dod couldn’t help but bark and bark and bark because being shot by rays made him so angry.

Dod didn’t know what to do.  He heard the boy talking to his father and his father sounded so very angry.  The boy sounded so scared when he stroked Dod and told him to stop barking but Dod just couldn’t help it.

“answers answers answers” Dod thought in dog think.

Then one night a candy doll came to him.  He wanted very much to eat her but he didn’t. He was a good dog.

The candy doll said “Dod, I have heard of your problem and I will help.  I will give you the power of speech for ten minutes so that you can talk to the boy.  Then you will have all of your problems fixed.”

So this happened and Krutaplati said “My Dod is talking this must be a dream.” But it was not.

Dod told him about the red robots and their rays.

Krutaplati said “I will go to the blue robots and they will help.”

And so he did, and they fought with the red robots, and then Krutaplati was so happy and Dod was so happy.

And then Krutaplati ate the candy doll and that would have been very sad if it hadn’t been so delicious.


4 thoughts on “The DOD story

  1. I am laughing myself silly, Kaytee, because during this election cycle in the U.S., the Democrats are “blue” and the Republicans are “red”–and I am a Democrat! You have made my week with this wonderful DOD story (which in our country stands for Department of Defense, meaning all the armed forces of the U.S., who don’t really solve too much on most days, do they?)

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