New Day has come……

I wrote this poem back in 2006 when i was 18 yrs old!!! Just found the piece of paper from the closet.

Everything that happens

happens for a reason

the sun also sets

upon the horizon

darkness spread across

filled with hatred

rise in the morning

with a new desire

so live a life

with no thoughts in mind

the ray on light

would bring you the vision

if you fail

dont be sad

joy would come

like you never had

look at the mountains

the birds and the valleys

live so lively

happily and smiling

spread your arms

welcome the day

live life always

happy and gay


7 thoughts on “New Day has come……

  1. Joy, oh, joy to read again about how I love to greet the day. I was taught this attitude from early childhood. Tears at night; joy in the morning! Your poem reads like that of a much more mature person than just 18 years of age! Oh, WOW. I am so very pleased you found this in your closet!

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