For all the GIRLIES!!!!!

• It is always advisable to use a body wash and not the soap. Soap is too harsh on the skin and so a body wash would keep the skin soft and supple. Also after bath apply moisturizer or oil on the body to maintain the oil level of the body.
• Mix ½ cup of sugar with one cup of lemon juice and when you go for bath scrub whole body with this juice. This is a good kitchen remedy to have a natural glowing skin.
• Take some maize flour and put some milk in it. Apply this mixture on your whole body, this would not only moisturize the skin but would also act as a good scrub for the body. This home remedy would show you promising results.
• Hands are used often for every small thing in life and thus they tend to get dry easily. Whenever you feel dryness in your hands immediately apply moisturizer on it. Make it a point that you always have a bottle of moisturizer in your bag.
• The best home remedy is a mixture of lemon juice and honey, apply this mixture on your face to get a fresh glowing skin. Also mixture of lemon and sugar on your hands once a week would help keep the hands soft and clean.
• Apply papaya paste on your face and wash after 15 min. wash the face with cold water and this would help you well to get a glowing natural; skin.


2 thoughts on “For all the GIRLIES!!!!!

  1. The older women in my family passed on many of these homemade, natural cleansing techniques to us girls! I love the soothing papaya paster so very much!

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