Attack on sweetu!!

Wound Open
Sweetu after dressing
It so happened………my brother was taking her out for a stroll in the evening…they both were walking down the lane and suddenly this neighbours dog came and jumped on my sweetu………….He was a great Dane……his three teeths went inside sweetu’s skin. Poor baby cried for sometime and then the doctor was called immediately.

According to the doctor, the wound would take atleast a month to heal. Currently she is under the recovery process. She has to take 2 bitter tablets daily and dressing on her wound on daily basis. 😦 😦


10 thoughts on “Attack on sweetu!!

  1. Prayers and candles lit for Sweetu! She looks as though she is getting wonderful comforting and care! Do you think she will be even more spoiled than before? No matter, she deserves it!

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