Eye Opener!!

I woke up in the morning…with my head very very heavy…actually its still heavy…….so i thought i would sleep for sometime before my office. That half an hour sleep took me back to my childhood days…..I had flashes of my playschool. those flashes were so clear with minutest details that i felt i travelled back in time. I saw my class…the toys were scattered around. I saw my friends ..they were playing with those toys…fighting for the same toy and even happily enjoying playing it…..and there on that corner of the floor i saw myself…the little me…. playing with jigsaw puzzles….. laughing happily and enjoying with friends. I went out and saw the whole school…my school. The place where i had spend so many years, made new friends, learned new things and had lived merrily. i saw that swimming school were we had our swimming lessons. I saw that statue of buddha were we use to sit and meditate. Everything was so clear as if i was standing there when this things had taken place. And then my eyes were opened with a sound on the floor. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. It was the bigger me…..those days were lost behind. It’s been 10 years since i left the school.

School Day’s are indeed the most beautiful and the most memorable days of our life. While in school we always want to grow up and live life but when i am actually grown up i look back to those days where i had my friends to laugh on, where birthday parties used to be the most exciting things, where a new pencil and a new eraser was considered the best surprise by mom and dad, where we used to have group studies and happy times. Time passes by and days change. Now we involve in those boring parties filled with intellectual talks, surprise means shelling out thousands of currencies, there are no group studies but yes there are group meeting filled with targets and budgets.


5 thoughts on “Eye Opener!!

  1. We all should find ways to bring a little bit of that playfulness and sheer joy back into our daily lives. For me, it is outdoors with nature and with my dogs! My own school days were not as happy as you depict yours were, for I was bullied a great deal and vomitted at least 4 times each day until I was in the third year of primary school! But my childhood play on the farm with our animals WAS sheer joy! I can still enjoy that today in early mornings and evenings and on weekends with my gardens and my woods and my pets! I share the glee you speak of vicariously with online videos and photographs every day of my grandchildren!

  2. I hear your frustration and joy, Kaytee! I, too, feel life is just too busy these days. What is happening? All the new technological conveniences are great, but I’m afraid the rapid progression is going to “kill” us in the end..now, young children play on their parents cell phones, instead of reading a book. That to me is very sad…my kids always loved to read and still do; yes, they do have cell phones, but they’ve hung onto the slower and old fashioned ways of being entertained, too, and I think that’s important. I agree with Rose, also, playing outdoors with your animals, pets, or getting exercise is also important and better for the soul, then sitting at the computer. That’s what kids in these generations are used to doing and it’s not so good for their health. Oh boy, I think I’ve started on a tangent, so time to end. Look at us, blogging on the computer! Now my kids tell me that I’m on it too long! Life! 🙂 xx

    1. yeah….. my younger brother….i have never seen him going out and playing……i have gone out to play but a little less…but he..i think i have hardly seen him…hez always on computer or play stations..phew!!!! books are boring for today’s generations and they would turn to internet to red something……..technological revolution is great but man is becoming a slave of this technology.

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