Creative Cooking for Kids

is your little one harrasing you too much by not eating meals on time?? Here’s a wonderful trick which can be really successful. A friend of mine tried it and got success. Why not make shapes out of food? Trust me, your little one would come hopping to eat it. He/She would actually enjoy eating it and would want more and more. There’s no point in forcing food on them…they may vomit it out…instead make the food interesting for them,. Curve out their favourite shapes and designs. Make the eating experience a fun filled one. Doing so there habit of neglecting the food every now and then would change and they would start taking proper meals. Fun food is loved by each and every child. A little inspiration from your side would work wonders for your kid. Let them play with their food while having it. This would add smiles and laugh to every meal.

For kids - By Sandeep Damre

Photo Courtesy : Sandeep Damre (He is involved in to such creative cooking for his kids)


6 thoughts on “Creative Cooking for Kids

  1. Very creative. I’m always trying to make the food I prepare for my little one to appear special. Then she expects it and when I prepare normally, she quickly ask me what happened, lol. It’s all fun

  2. I like the idea sis, I always did this to my nephew because I am having a hard time to let him eat the veggies so I take time to make it very artistic and if they used to it they are always looking forward to eat something like that so kinda hard hahaha….

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