Photo of the day – Soul of India – 1
















Peep in to the soul of INDIA – people are poor…most of them below poverty line….but still they have hopes in their lives and innocence in their eyes…. Magical Childhood Day’s.


5 thoughts on “Photo of the day – Soul of India – 1

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the people in the United States who have far more, one would think, to smile about, could be this loving and this positive instead of so complaining and so hateful about anyone who disagrees with them? This boy should be a poster child for the entire human population! Bless you for sharing this wonderfully inspiring photograph.

    1. so true rose……… Whenever anyone is unhappy with whatever they have int heir life they should look at them…….even with very few things from destiny this people are still smiling and spreading their love with smiles across….. it should be an example for everyone who has lots of complains with their own life 🙂

  2. Hi Kaytee,
    I agree with Granbee….it’s good to be back, but I have comments to respond to now. Everyone has been so kind and supportive, so thank you so much! This is a lovely post~Happy Valentine’s Day to you. xx

  3. Indeed people should realize what’s important about this life, which is to try to be as happy as possible, and make the ones you love happy as well, instead of being miserable for having less materialistic possessions…

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