Can someone spot a difference or two between the world of today and the world of yesterday? Was our planet of today as beautiful as it was some ages ago? Yes it is an undeniable truth that yesteryears were peaceful, unpollutant and was an ideal place to live in. There were no such drama and politics as of today, no biological and chemical warfare dangers and obviously no territories’ and countries. But it is also an undeniable fact that yesteryears that mankind faced were gloomy, dull and colourless, it was a simple life with nothing much but only the wish for survival.
And then there were no colours in that life. 21st century has seen tremendous progress in the developmental activities of mankind that has made the Earth beautiful and awestruck. Nature, of course, has contributed tremendously to this beauty with all its giving’s but the human being has also not lagged behind. From the beautiful Taj Mahal to the biggest of dams built across the strongest of the river flows and sky-scratching towers of Burj Khalifa, mankind has progressed tremendously enough to contribute to the beautification of the planet we live on.But every success is made confirmed with every single step. Small steps are actually the one that makes our aims and ultimately us successful.
Colours are a part and parcel of ever one’s daily lives. Be it the brown colours of many wild animals and endangered species to the colour of the skin of a man, be it the beautiful graffiti’s of the street walls or the deep blue waters of the Red sea, colours give identity to the thing they get attached. They are a way of life; rather they form a way of life. Colours are everywhere and they add much needed zest and zeal to the lives of all. Imagine a world without the attendance of colours; our planet would have been such a pale and dull place to live in; white & black all around, even both of which are colours. It would have been an existence unworthy. Colours are God’s own imagination that results in the beautification of the world.
Specialization is a must in every thing a man does and there are specialized people for every profession, for every occasion. An event management company has event managers to manage their events, a cruise ship has an army of sailors and a captain to manoeuvre it in choppy ocean waters the profession of painting demands its own expertise and specialized people who have a deep knowledge regarding the colours and know how to use them. We may call them ‘House Painters’. Some may even call them ‘Residential Painters’. Keeping in context to their preferences in painting, they may be called something different than a house painter or a residential painter. Today’s time requires house painters to have know-how not only related to painting but also to latest industry traits and the information on latest colours. It would not be wrong to comment that without the expertise and know-how of residential painters, the world we live in would have been a notch dull and no colourful.
They are the best person to redesign your house. If you are looking forward for any beautiful textures on your wall call the best house painter today. 



  1. Yes, let us call upon the very best color artists to decorate the walls of our lives. Mother Nature and the Creator work really well for me in this regard. Wonderful essay pointing out the negatives and many positives of our 21st Century lives, the challenges along with the opportunities and gifts. Thank you!

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