Is it so?

why are long distance relationships so full of insecurities….even when you have a world full of trust you still tend to become insecure at every step in life……the distance seems longer and you start losing faith in yourself…. off lately i have been undergoing many such hallucinations……it kinds of stresses me out. I dont know what to believe and when to believe. The care and concern remains but with a fear in the corner of heart. Life is so damn confusing that i have stopped trusting my own instincts. I feel positive at one go and suddenly this alter ego jumps in….it makes me feel bad…it makes me feel like a loser. Is this how the relations are? The pain which comes along is understood only by the one undergoing it. The beautiful memories slowly have started disappearing and fear has masked the real me!!!! i am searching for myself…….I have lost me …….it is a war between what i feel and what i think…….the most difficult war i must say….whether to trust the mind or trust the heart is a question which arises in here.

P.S – I would still love you with all the fears holding me together.


4 thoughts on “Is it so?

  1. Hey, me and many others can understand your feelings. Long distance relationships are becoming more common every day. Possibly the fears are not as active when there is no distance, but the risks are the same. The important thing is maybe to use your intuitions and heart to know if you can trust the love your partner has for you. Where there is real love there will be real commitment. It’s a crazy world and I realized recently that words and promises mean nothing if the person can’t be consistent with all they say and do. If they are consistent, then there is a very good chance they will be all they say. Consistency is the key I believe and time together is the most important of building stones. It’s just my opinion. I’m not a relationships expert at all šŸ˜€

  2. Tell the altar ego to shut up, go away, and continue to remember the P.S. you posted here today about your ongoing, steadfast love. It will see you through a lot of “missing” over the miles.

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