Try 2

I recently got braces ‘coz i felt that face would be even better with them on…. but after putting it…my face swelled…… my mouth pouted and i felt i look ugly……but this boy in my life…makes me smile 🙂 …. “Try 2” which just came to my mind

i feel wierd

i feel bad

once was this pretty face

now an ugly nightmare

but he thinks

i am still beautiful

even with those braces

and that dirty smile

you are an angel

making me smile

even when its all dark

you are the ray of light

P.S – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder


4 thoughts on “Try 2

  1. True! And I’m sure he sees you just as beautiful as before because what is inside matters most. You probably actually look more cute for him now 😀 He will love you and see you beautiful always my friend

  2. Thank goodness for the boy! Blessed you are to have him see the “real you”, no matter about braces and puffy lips! Thanks for this honest, slightly amusing, sharing here today. You have shown all us gals how silly we are to fret over every little molecule of our physical appearances.

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