Is android in your pick list?

A very tough competition can be noticed between world’s two most popular phones – iPhone and android phones and this competition is even getting fiercer day by day. There are certain aspects present in android phones that blow the socks off of Apple’s latest build of iOS and this is the reason why the android phones are giving a tough competition to the iPhone.
The voice command options in iOS are limited especially when you have got used to the android smart phone. All the functions from searching to executing commands within the OS itself are already built into Android. The android users have the facility to dictate text messages and e-mail and can even get directions by simply speaking to the phone. This flexibility can even be observed for media and the android users can load music apps even like Pandora whereas in case of iPhone, the music-by-voice feature is only limited to the iPod app.
The android based phones have the specialty to jump seamlessly into navigation from other apps which doesn’t exist on iOS, as users have to manually copy and paste the address into the app of choice. The android phones give the facility of having any kind of applications that you want which is not the case in the iOS.
The Android widgets are wonderful gems that can display things of your choice which you can put anywhere you want. They can provide an easy access to the updates on the things that are of utmost importance to you which may be news, updates about sporting events, messages, emails, Wi-Fi or any of your priority.
Android phones have all the latest things in it that attracts the young crowd at a large scale. It provides the users with big screen, media, messages, and other mobile multitasking power users along with a variety of applications. Thus, an android user enjoys all the facilities which are even not present in the iOS phones. This induces the users to switch for android phones. One more specialty of an android phone is that it has removable batteries. It serves with all hi-tech facilities like dual core, dual screen, dual cameras and many more. Thus, android phones have it all. In short it can be said that iPhone is a standard phone made for cream public whereas the android phones are made keeping in the mind the current demands, choice and needs of the public at large.


By –  Naushin Kinariwala


3 thoughts on “Is android in your pick list?

  1. For me, it’s a difficult comparison even though I work in a geek position lol. I always have a feeling that Android is for me though and I’ve been very happy as everything I need is on it and works as expected.

  2. I also prefer Android based phone software. It is much more intuitive. Also, I just like the idea that is open-sourced, a much more progressive corporate attitude. Also, I find myself wondering if the phones built with the Android platform are made by child labor like the Apple iPhones. I need to find out!

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