iOS apps better then Android apps

When it comes to cell phones everyone around has just one demand “Smartphone’s”. These phones have truly revolutionalized the telecom industry and even the gadgets and devices of communication. Distances have been made shorter using a smart phone. Apple IOS, blackberries, Androids etc are competing amongst themselves in providing the end user a best quality smart phone. 18 months back many important changes were brought in by Google to update their Android OS and had tried to gather in many developers who intended to make high quality and innovative application s for Android OS. Androids have a hold on majority of the market but let’s not forget one name when it comes to getting a Smartphone and that is I phone.
With the advancement of technology, smart phones having varied applications are introduced in the market. The main demand and craze of these smart phones is because of the presence of the applications. There is a continuous invention of newer and newer applications at regular intervals in these smart phones that attracts the large crowd. The iOS developer develops these applications for the people at large. There is a provision for the beginners where you can find a variety of app development software that you can choose from which will match specifically for the kind of phone you are using, may it be an iPhone or an Android or any other countless variations.
Both the androids and the IOS have stunning features and are great smart phones still android could not match the powered devices spread in the market by Apple which approximately more than 200 million including I Pad, I Touch and IOS. The application developers would prefer to stay with a larger selling project and that is the reason why most of the skilled and creative developers are indulged in making application for the IOS devices.
There have been several reasons as on why IOS is more preferred over android. The favorite part of the IOS that is loved by the users is the iTunes Media Store. While IOS still doesn’t allow you to sync wirelessly but you can at least use WI-Fi for the same and you are in to a library of enormous song collection. The process is completely seamless and is one of the best. The implementation that Apple has made in ti the iTunes store is far better than Amazing for Android.
An iPhone is considered to be a phone of a specific class. It has a brand value and hence people feel that possessing an iPhone shows status of a person. This is not a case with the other android phones. There are varieties of applications present in both the phones, but an iPhone is a secured phone where jailbreaking opens the gate of all the applications, wherein in android phones, there are innovative applications. But it does not provide with any type of security of the phone. The android applications change with the demand of the people whereas the iOS applications are standard. In short, android applications serve the young crowd providing them with the new applications at regular intervals whereas an iPhone is a phone that serves with its applications to a certain class of people as it creates a brand value as well as status among the public.


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