Whose with you?

When the storms were rising high in her life and nothing seemed alright it was her inner soul who confronted her. The soul explained here that life is all about fighting and never to give up. When the bitter reality of life comes face to face life becomes miserable. When you can’t find anyone on your side life becomes a living hell. Only your shadow stays by your side. It never leaves you alone. It changes its shape but it is always there. It becomes your only support in those dark days. She sat by the window her life so miserable and then appeared that inner voice……..


2 thoughts on “Whose with you?

  1. All is well with your soul. Listen to it. It is the portal to the strength and guidance the Creator has for you. Please check out my first post as contributing author over at htt://ptl2010.com, entitled, “Proving Hope Through Praise”, dated 02/03/2012. You will see there how listening to your soul brings you throug many dangers and many fears. Thank you for the beautiful way you expressed the travails and languishings of so many in this world today.

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