An unfolding travel

We see something…we feel that we have seen it before…may it be a thing or a place…visiting some places makes us think “we have been here before” – this is DeJaVu…… But more than DeJaVu I personally have larger faith in astral journeys……. “Lucid Dreaming” as many call it. Human body gets tired due to continuous work. Even if there is no physical work the mental pressure can drain out your energy. For the human body to be revitalized it is very necessary to let it sleep. This is why sleeping takes place. When we sleep the body gets recharged through a natural process also which is under investigation. Some call it dreams, some call it Astral Journeys.

This is my second article on the astral journeys after the first one which I wrote few months back : (Beyond your belief) ……… I really believe that it does happen. I have felt it many a times myself. Human anatomy consists of three things

(1) Body – Here we are talking about the physical body
(2) Astral Body – which is the soul body…the one which travels in the astral plane and is connected to the original body with something called a silver string.
(3) Mental Body – which governs the mental state of mind.

It is believed that once we are asleep the astral body travels in the astral plane and we remember all this things in the subconscious state of mind. We can go anywhere we wish to in the astral plane and also the speed of travelling is much higher than the normal daily routine speed. You must have experienced it many a times that in your dreams at one pint of time you were at one particular place and the next moment you were at completely different place and all this happened within fraction of seconds. This indeed is a world full of immense possibilities and investigations. Some believe in it and some do not.

Majority of us travel in the astral plane in the unconscious state of mind and hence we are not able to go to the places we actually desire but one can learn how to travel in a conscious state of mind. This sounds scary but it is not impossible. Also it is not harmful.
Currently I am in a researching process of how to travel consciously in the astral plane. Though I did had bit hints regarding my try still I haven’t 100% succeeded in it. I would definitely keep posting the results of my research and the experiences.


2 thoughts on “An unfolding travel

  1. I have experienced brief moments of this type of conscious astral travel when I am on my woodland rambles and for a few moments enter what some call the parallel universe. I really think conscious astral travel and moving “through the veil” into that parallel universe are one and the same thing.

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