A poem for Kruti and Lauren – From a friend who wanted to cheer us up!!!

As a friend of mine was running through my blog he came across lauren’s too. According to him our blogs had some things which were too depressing so to cheer us up this is his contribution :

“It’s lunchtime –
I am hungry; I am rhythmic.
What the hell has happened to me?
Preceded by Lauren’s poem,
browsing through Kruti’s blog;
Somewhere something has held my heart.
What I fail to understand is-
Why this sadness? Why the sorry?
As Sun & Moon follow the
path of Tom & Jerry.
Some food is sweet,
other salty;
rest sour.
But food is food, after all
and we eat’em all.
So my friend hear me loud,
Thou never remembers the ones who failed;
but the ones who fought, and never gave up till death.
So, cut the crap
and get back to work.
Life is Beautiful!
And we live’em long, after all.
This is from the one who still fails,
then succeeds”

– Rahul Doshi 🙂


5 thoughts on “A poem for Kruti and Lauren – From a friend who wanted to cheer us up!!!

  1. HI Kaytee,

    I wonder what your friend saw on my blog that was depressing…I have many encouraging poems, some are sad, as they are fiction reality, but most are uplifting (he may not have read much of those). I truly don’t want to be known as having a depressing blog..that alone, saddens me…I’d love to know more on what he read, if you have time to share…I do appreciate his poem, though, so please convey that to him~ Hugs to you~

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