A touch with smile…..

something’s happen ….. and you feel so good about it…….it so happened to me this morning…..As i entered the office it was quite dark and i was the first one to enter it. No one else had yet arrived here…… i entered the office with a heavy heart as after a long break i was not in a state to work again……… I had a wonderful time with someone who is far away now………..i entered my cabin and was staring blankly at the walls and suddenly this old man entered my office. He works here…… with a small smile he greeted me and said “Don’t worry…time would fly away quickly…regrets would spoil your beautiful face…….keep smiling and be happy”

Those words automatically brought in a smile to my face. He left soon after. Little did he know that he had touched my life somewhere with his smile. This happens many a times. We meet so many people on daily basis and some of them touch our lives with their smile, with their words, with their gestures…..it may be anything……!! Life comes with regrets but when god gives you pain he also gives you symbols of happiness. He touches your life through someone. He conveys messages through someone.


13 thoughts on “A touch with smile…..

  1. I found you through Lauren’s reblog of this post! The photo of the hands joined into a heart circle is breathtaking! Your essay works so well to remind us about folks showing up unexptedly (by us!) in our lives to help us because God knows better than we do.

  2. this is true kruti, one of my attitude in my daily routine specially at home I have number one plea pls. don’t crumple your faces specially morning, since I am a nocturnal type of person because my work is always in night shift, smile makes magic it brings positive energy … so smile.. šŸ™‚

  3. What a beautiful, uplifting post! It’s amazing how just one smile, one kind word or gesture, can change a person’s entire outlook for the day. Thank you for the smile. ~ Julie šŸ™‚

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