Time getting shorter!!

As the bags were being trolled out of the house……..the departure bells started ringing…the scratches those bags were making on the floor and the scratches of pain i had inside me……….everyone running here and there with the final check list……… i sat there silently watching his face as he ran through the chaos to make his final move out of the house…… i was looking at the walls of the house and the all the memories that i had captured during his stay here. I was feeling sad and down yet could not cry when i wanted to due to the large amount of guest hovering around the place.

The bags were pushed in to the trunks and the cars started. To me the time was moving too fast and i wanted to freeze it. Time always freezes when he was around and now when he was moving away time suddenly started jumping and running. I could literally hear my heart beating as i watch him go following him in the car behind. As we passed through the roads of this city the cluster of memories came out…..Each and every day spent at various places was moving in front of my eyes like a movie reel. I wanted to stop him when i knew it was not possible. Time had taken its toll and life had shown its worst reality.

Passing through the lanes of airport reminded me of the day when i had come to receive him with all smiles and butterfly in the stomach which was replaced by tears in the eyes……………… All i could think of was ‘why goodbyes are so painful” ……… “why people has to depart” and “why does it hurt so much when someone leaves’ ……. today’s morning was not great either………. with pain in my heart i am sitting in my office not able to concentrate on work and thinking of all the beautiful days we had together.

P.S – wanna see you back soon.


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