Not as it seems!!!

Before an hour ago iw as standing outside this flower shop…….i was holding his hand and was leaning on him. We were buying flowers for his parents….At a distance i could see two girls watching us….somehow i could read their mind

“They are so lucky….holding hands and standing together……. They must be having such wonderful time daily”

Little did they know about the amount of pain i was going through…..i was holding his hand because after 3 days i wont see him for one whole year…He would be out there in United States and this border between us would grow longer and longer…… This small incident taught me a simple lesson. Never judge a book by its cover…..they may be lots of things hidden inside it….. Small incidents come across our life and teaches us big things. Even i have judged people a lot and that also just by looking at them…But today i realised i have no right to judge anyone if i do not know them….

I still have no clue about what i am blogging these days…. i am simply not in a normal state of mind…..


5 thoughts on “Not as it seems!!!

  1. It is alright I understand, no need to ask an apology, I agree with you most of the times we are getting blind with the cover and tend us to misjudge, just be strong… šŸ™‚

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