Shades of BLUE

Sometimes you feel so shitty about many things and this is just one of those days……. You feel sad about yourself… have no one to cheer you up… feel life has taken a bad shape and everything is just going “not your way” ………why do I have such consecutive days…… I am not enjoying anything and does anyone have an answer to why this happens…..everything seems blue…..whichever way I look its dark…there are thunder clouds on my head…I don’t feel like having food…..infact I dnt feel hungry at all…..why do we expect….why do we regret? ….welcome to my dark days 


7 thoughts on “Shades of BLUE

  1. Sorry I’m late in replying (I’ve been sick), but I don’t have answers, either, except it’s part of human nature. To feel down once in awhile and focus on the negative, rather than the positive. I hope, since it’s Sunday, that you’re feeling better! Hugs!

      1. Oh, I wish I could say something to make you feel better! Without knowing you, it’s difficult, except to hang on to the positive, the good things you have in your life…if you have some kind of faith, try to hold onto that to keep you going. I don’t mean to pry, it just saddens me to know you’re feeling down and can’t escape that mindset. Thank you for your well wishes, too, I’m feeling much better now and hopefully, will be posting later. Anyway, take care of yourself and I wish you well real soon. Reach for the sunlight to warm your heart~xx

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