Death Of Real Things

The world is going all tech-savvy and in this world where we all are living with virtual relations it is difficult to find a true real relation. Everything these days is on stake from love to friendship – all relationships are with benefits. The cyber world has changed our way of thinking. Whatever we think is completely influential these days. Look at those social media forums…..abusing each other in public is “cool” these days. These forums actually take you close to the individuals to whom you are attracted just for the “heat of the moment”. People have started living their lives in this world.

Even a small kid has his account on facebook. These social media’s are both good and bad according to me….good because they connect you to the old lost friends…… it actually brings life to the olden golden memories…bad because the level of usage is not in limits…..some features offered by these sites and many notorious minds together brings in disastrous for many…hacking and spamming have become the latest trend of cyber world.

This is where technology has taken man…….man has paralyzed himself with the help of technology…there are machines for everything. Initially there came machines for cleaning and dusting and today there are vibrating toothbrushes. Why move your hand while brushing? No one is ready to take that much pain and technology has stepped in for that. Imagine what value relations has in such a world? People has started getting infatuated and attracted to other individuals without even knowing them.

“Oh!! She has a hot DP….she must be nice” – such sentences began a relation. It’s not the inner beauty but the outer one that determines the success of your relation. This is the birth of cyber world.

If you are like this…how would your coming generations be?


7 thoughts on “Death Of Real Things

  1. Welcome!!! I am four months old :-D! it is an experience that can be as you make it, or mis-use it. I notice that many here do opt to bring their inner Truth to these pages and may choose a simple white page- sometimes that is even a sign of “greatness”! I used to collect photos and it is a passion so I include it in my site. If you follow your passion with authenticity, then the new “world” is a phenomena of possibilities!

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