Realistic Expectations

“Tit for tat” – this quote is liked by one and all and everyone believes in it. But I do not. Behaving the same way, you often put that beautiful relationship on a pedestal. Rather behave the “way you are”….. Nobody can be “you”. Every individual has its own unique personality. It has often been observed that you would feel cheated or disheartened when someone fails to fulfill your expectations.

“Where is it written that others must act the way we want them to. It may be preferable, but not necessary – Albert Ellis – a Noted Psychotherapist.

When you expect too much from others, it means that you are highly dependent on someone and you are not confident enough to fulfill your own voids. These demands can sometimes be overwhelming and friends can often get frustrated with it. Rather be who you are…they chose to be your friend because they liked you….meeting them why change yourself? That would be a cheating with your friendship.

Expectations are not bad…but have something that is more realistic.


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