Beauty of Nature – Indian National Bird

This member of the pheasant family is the most attractive bird on this planet. It is the national bird of my country INDIA. Though wild by nature, it is domesticated in many country including mine. Look at the beautiful colors it has in his feathers.

Look at the beauty of this bird and we humans are responsible for killing them, to use their feathers in various products. Nature has created them beautiful which does not imply that there beauty becomes their enemy. They are killed for their feathers. They deserve to live……. let i live and spred its beauty in its own way.

Have you ever seen a peacock dancing in Rain? One of the below picture is of a dancing peacock. It does deserve to dance like that. Don’e take away his dancing shoes 🙂

The credit for the photography goes to a very dear friend of mine MR SANDEEP DAMRE , whose a professional photographer and the first snap is taken by my baby brother DHARMIK , whose developed interest in photography and as a amateur photographer is on spree to take such beautiful snaps


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