Changing Seasons

We are so stupid……..a little bit affection shown can take us to cloud nine…….when i am referring “we” i am talking about all those girls out there. whatever kind or type she may be……but i am sure deep down she has a heart. I had this happy notion since past few months that i am the happiest girl and i need nothing more in life….but yesterday i realized that life is a can bite anyone at anytime. The reason for your happiness becomes the reason behind your tearful eyes. The worst part is you cannot blame anyone for it because it was you who had wished for this thing. All you can do is hope that things would be alright one day and your lost smile would be returned to you. Also i learned an important lesson yesterday. It’s really easy to advocate or advise someone regarding the lessons of life but when it comes on you………its like a disaster…..things change and trust it does change. Humans are like seasons…..eventually they would change with the time. You would feel down. Trust yourself and love yourself. Though i wont ever be able to love myself again as i have given all my love to someone but still i can advocate.


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