Perception of a fragrance……….

This is something about me…I love fragrances….I mean smell kind of attracts me….. those sweet smelling flowers or fresh smelling rainy sands….i love it all….. have you ever experienced something called a smell taking you back in to the memory……it has happened to me many a times. when i was young i had a friend who was crazy for fragrances just like me and one day we thought of making a perfume ourselves. We took a bunch full of fresh rose petals and started grinding it with the help of a grinding stone. we added rose water to it and filled a bottle out if it. That smell i still remember and i can never forget. Even today when i smell a bunch of fresh roses it somewhat takes me back to that incident where me and my friend were sitting in a balcony and making scent. Smell relates to the memory and that is my strong belief. Smell of Victoria Secrets splashes reminds me of my boyfriend ‘coz he gifted me one of those. A portion of our brain has a perception of fragrance embedded in it and from this part the emotions arise. Memories triggers and it creates an emotional pull. It is not necessary that this associations are always positive and it can be negative too. You tend to select your perfume keeping all this in your mind. It is not necessary that you are aware about it and you might do it just like that. Whenever you said “i dint like this smell” does not always mean that the fragrance is bad….but there is a possibility that you have a negative association with the smell.

Also there is something called natural smell and lovers are attracted by each other’s natural smell. It is beyond perfumes and scents and they tend to like each others natural odor. It was long back that the Emperor Napoleon of France was about to return from battle, he sent a message to Josephine. “Am returning in three days. Dont wash” . He liked her natural smell. It is known as pheromones…which is very subtle yet so powerful.

Perfumes ave their history with the Egyptians where it was used as a part of religious rituals. Originally they were not meant to attract the opposite genders but to attract the gods. Slowly people started using it for personal usage. The usage flourished in France and FLAMBOYANCE and IMPACT rocked the world with their amazing fragrance. Today you can find a perfume for men and women.

“mmmmmmm you smell good” this words are loved by one and all 🙂 🙂


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