Much like the original !!!

Today almost everything that is manufactured original and manufactured by the rightful owners is counterfeited and manufactured illegally. Whether it is the soft toy by Mattel manufactured in the US and counterfeited by China or it is the Apple iphones that are available counterfeited throughout the world and sold in open markets. There is a market for everything in today’s time and on this ever expanding population on Earth. One such counterfeited thing that is sold illegally in open markets worldwide but still has a booming market and ever rising demand are the Replicated watches. Although manufacturing replica watches is deemed illegally and it causes an estimated loss of around $ 1 billion to the original watch manufacturing companies, still having replicated watches in the market is a joyful thing for many worldwide. For once, the price of replicated watches is so low that every working citizen around the globe can afford it and wear it with pride.
Around 40% of replicated watches are manufactured in China, even large quantities of such watches are manufactured and being put into circulation in the US and throughout the world. Estimates indicate that as many as 35-37 million replicated watches are being produced as per the facts published by the Swiss customs department. The demand for replicated watches is ever increasing and there are no facts denying it. The low cost of replicated watches as opposed to their original models ensures there demands remain on an all time high. Easy availability of replicated watches is one more stimulating factor. Where on Earth will we won’t find the market for replicated watches ? From East Europe to West Africa, and from Oceanic region to Canada, the market for replicated watches is dedicated.
Such watches are made and built in such a way so that they resemble and look like their original counterparts. Perfection is achieved by choosing materials as good as original bit keeping the overall prices as low as possible. Hence, gold-plated original becomes never fade-gold coloured and gold-electroplated. All the details including weight, size and markings are kept or rather attempted to be kept as original as possible. The engravings are also kept like the original watch so that replicated watch can be given a touch of the original. If the original watch is Chronographic, it is well kept the same in replicated watches. Almost all brands are replicated, from Omega to Longines to Armani. Hence we can easily determine that the demands for replicated watches will always be high because such watches have a hugh customer base worldwide and if the watch is well perfected, just like its original counterpart, one can expect repeat customers as well.


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