Inner Happiness

When I look at this statue of happy man or as many of them say laughing Buddha I wonder what make people think bringing them would make them happier. To me it’s all psychological. Happiness is within you. Doing something which makes you happy would actually count. Have you ever realized that there is this glow on your face called “happy glow”. It’s not just in the stories it’s for true. Notice it yourself whenever you are happy you would actually feel that your face is gleaming with happiness. Something which is different than the usual and whenever you are sad or dull it would definitely reflect on your face. I realized this when I have a boyfriend now. With his presence around things actually become beautiful. The face which was so dull and gloomy suddenly started shinning on its own. This is the power of inner happiness. It is not a statue of a piece of something that can satisfy your inner self but you need to know yourself. Happiness is eternal and a hit on that string can break it in to thousand pieces and sometimes even the smallest of the things can bring you the most memorable moment. But there is one harm behind the inner happiness – never start living with a happy lie like I once did. It’s like when things are not normal you still pretend that they are normal.


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