Dream Higher!!

You always do not get whatever you had wished for but yessss!!! Your dreams can definitely take you a step higher. When I was small I always had branded clothes but after the severe business crises the standard of living started decreasing. But I had that fire in me…a desire to live up to the mark. I never compromised with myself and in that process I actually found a way out. This life or I should say this world has options for anything and everything. Live for today should be your motto and see how beautiful life is. Today I earn almost as much to live a rich and satisfactory life but savings is not in my charts. I live for today…I do things which make me happy. I gift myself new surprises……so what if there’s no one to surprise you…..this makes me happy. It makes me feel contended and satisfied. Today when I see my reflection in the mirror it’s a happy shadow. Yeah sometimes the blue clouds do come in between but after all life is life……the two antonyms happiness and sadness should be balanced and that is a key to a successful life. Tomorrow when I die I would be satisfied that I lead a happy life. People would remember me as someone who was full of life and cheerful. Amen.

From the girl who had lots of dreams some fulfilled some left half a way but still dreaming with every new sunny day.


One thought on “Dream Higher!!

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