confession of a Shopaholic :)

Why do girls shop? To become shopaholic is not a good thing but for many of us this is a way to get rid of the boredom of this life…. It feels good when you shop. I am telling this from my personal experience. There are many girls in this world who have a habit of keeping everything to them and eventually they start feeling low or depressed. Shopping brings them out from this depression. At least for sometime there mind is diverted to something else than what they are actually thinking and feeling low. Feeling low is greatly associated with the expectations of human nature. If you are a human being you tend to expect something or other from someone and when things don’t turn up your way you feel low. Some can speak out their problems loud while some bury it deep within themselves. Shopping gives you pleasure as it is the only time you spend for yourself and make yourself feel special. You die to hear some words which are never uttered out, it creates anger and frustration and before it takes a bad shape go out and shop. This would divert your mind. This is the worst habit I must say and these buying sprees can definitely land you in great trouble.


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