A place i dream to go – BALI

Are you in a mood of tropical holidays? Have you heard of Bali? If not just got here for a tropical holiday and you would have one of the most memorable holidays of your life. Whether you want to track or you are in a mood to calm down and relax Bali has everything required offering to you. It has a wide range of things to offer to a tourist and its up to you to decide what you want. The best part of this place is their culture. Each and every corner of Bali has a Balinese culture within itself which can actually break the barriers of time and take you back in the history. Even the people of Bali follow this culture in this modern world. The women’s would be seen typically dressed in a bali style and carrying a basket on their head to offer you with something or other. Rituals and ceremonies have been an integral part of bali culture and you can see those happening at different places in Bali.
Next comes scenic beauty and no one can challenge Bali in that. Situated in the lap of Mother Nature Bali has everything from mountains to beaches. The place is famous for volcano eruption and the dead volcanoes are one fo the major tourist attraction. Beaches of Bali have crystal clear water and people can surf on them. Also they are clean and beautiful for you to sit and relax with cold blowing over your face. The scenery around is just so stunning.
Also the food served at this place has its own taste and culture behind it. The food is spicy and contains fish and vegetables. There are varieties of dishes to enhance your taste buds. Even international cuisine is served at many restaurants and hotels of Bali. All the dishes are a piece of art within itself. The whole place is mystic and you can just go around and discover culture and lifestyle of people there. Rice fields are also one of the major attractions. Rice being their staple food majority of land is used in harvesting rice.
By words it’s a small island but when you visit it you would realize the charm and charisma associated behind it. It is a place which is definitely not worth missing. So next time you plan a holiday go to Bali and you would not regret this holiday In your life.


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