Gold, Silver, Platinum….definitely they are all precious metals but have you thought of using them for any other purpose apart from jewelry? Let me put some light on how these metals can be used to earn money apart from wearing them.

Are you aware about stock market trading? Gold and Silver have been listed as commodities in the stock market and when a person trades these metals he can earn up to 3 times more than what he actually does with other commodities. There is a section called mining stocks to trade with such metals. Silver is less expensive than gold and this endorses lower amount of risk while investing. If you are investing a smaller amount using these metals it comes under the category of penny stocks. Stocks having a lower amount of market capitalization are coined as penny stocks.

Now defining the term market capitalization I would like to give one example. If there are 10000000 outstanding shares valuing $7 per share than the market capitalization can be defined as $7 * 10000000 – $70 million. A mining stock usually has a larger number of capitals involved with it. For all the beginners, you can easily invest in a penny stock as the share rates starts from few cents to few dollars which anyone can easily afford and can take a risk of trading on that. People with proper knowledge about the stock market can go ahead dealing and trading with mining stocks.

Silver is one useful metal while dealing with mining stocks. It is most demanded metal and people use it for various reasons and purposes. This metal is expected to have a bright future in stock market. It definitely spells more money for individuals who have this risk taking abilities dealing with mining stocks.

An imbalance between the demand and supply can cause the price declinations in the stock market. An investment is always a risk, but only risk takers can win the risk of earning more money.


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