A feeling i live!!

It suddenly came to my mind….what are feelings….? What are expressions??? What are emotions?? There’s this small baby…….every time I go near him he touches my face and smiles….. it is a feeling which cannot be expressed in words….indeed its beautiful. … Another is when the one you love says “I love you”. It sends a happy vibe though out the body. …there are woven hopes inside those feelings and behind that small beautiful smile. ..…also when your work is being appreciated and someone says good thing about you….you like it…it makes you happy and can even make your day. …. When your close friend says – you are my best friend …you feel like on the top of the world. …
Some imaginations also make me happy…….I often imagine being on the sea shore and he holds my hand tightly and says “you are a valuable gift of my life” …….with all such feelings who needs a heaven yaar……heaven is right here on the earth. I have lived the days to come a thousand times…….in my imaginations……. I have imagined how I would meet you after a long time and that imagination has actually got tears in my eyes.

“I am no longer happier if I don’t see you smiling”.

Feelings play a very crucial role on mind. It can take you to a state of trance. I have reached unknown places with him and have imagined blissful moments.

That is the reason why a person breaks down when his dreams are not fulfilled. One broken dream has crores of broken emotions and all the trance feelings breaks like a glass.
I sincerely pray to god not to break anyone’s heart. I have lived a feeling and the very thought of it breaking down brings a shock to me and my heart skips a beat.



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