A Journey beyond your belief!!

This is one of those few topics which have greatly fascinated me.”Astral Journeys” I have always tried to find the meaning behind this word. This topic has evoked a requirement for me myself to research and find out more things on this topic. People around the world have multiple views about this journey but I personally believe in the existence of astral planets. A human body consists of a spirit (a soul) and each soul has this natural power to leave its body (host body) and travel to imaginary places and meeting people while in deep sleep. People around the world travel in astral planets but they do not realize this and they confuse it with dreams. They think they are having a dream but actually they have just made an astral journey.
Normally we do not realize while travelling astral but many of them have ability to travel according to their wish and to the places they actually want to. You must have experienced that while sleeping in night suddenly you feel like you are falling from somewhere and you get up with a jolt. The reason behind this is that many a times when the soul is leaving the body to perform an astral journey, it sometimes gets scared and goes back in to the body which creates a jolt in the physical body of that individual. The soul while travelling in astral is attached to the physical body with a silver cord. Individuals who have these astral projections at their own will can see this silver cord but most of them cannot see this cord.
We all enter this plane while in deep sleep but if one wants to perform it in the state of consciousness he/she needs to be completely calm and relaxed. It is a metaphysical experience which requires special training and techniques. If your soul gets scared while leaving the body you should stop immediately as it would create a jolt and it is an indication that you are still not ready for this trance state.
We all are a part of a big jigsaw puzzle of this life and our astral state explains many realities of our existence on this planet which most of the time we fail to understand. People make these journeys in unconscious state to fulfill their spiritual desires. This is a spiritual journey and there is no need to get scared of it. God had made this planet and human existence filled with mysteries and surprises and this is one of its mysterious parts. This travel is a part of that big jigsaw puzzle which most of us would fail to understand.
Every human body is capable of performing this journey in astral plane and with a proper technique you can make one. Also kids can travel more easily than an elderly person. For those interested in traveling in Astral plane can refer to


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