Random but special friends!!

It is really funny how sometimes life suddenly brings some faces unknown and known in your way through this journey of life and swappppp!!!!! There is this new twist in your life…..it happens in many ways like while making friends or even while meeting someone and making that important decision of sacrificing entire life for that one person.…..off lately I have been going through this experiences more often. I have come across many awe-inspiring and impressive friends “just like that”. Whether it’s through my blackberry messenger or it’s through a random party some people you meet leaves a part of themselves with you. (KINJAL and HARSH – dedicated to you guys).
Life is a big journey and it’s your friends who add spice to your life. There’s this friend who gave me the greatest gift – that someone special. We started of as a work colleagues and today we are the bestest of friends. We have our own share of problems but in the end we know that we are there for each other. How much I would not like some of her things but one thing is for sure that I cannot hate here ever coz she was the one to bring in that sunshine in my life. Whenever that thought of hating her would come on that sunshine would remind me of our friendship.
Depending on the complexity of your lifestyle you tend to attract number of people that you encounter through this journey of life. Some are reasons while some are seasons and they just go away. But one thing is for sure. Friends add color to our life. Life is a spreadsheet and not a journey actually. Plan it and live………….and it would be the happiest journey of your eternity.


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