Ripples in the Fabric of this world

Life has hit an all time low. Have you ever known the real meaning of life? I do……….today when the rain drops swirled down my face suddenly everything else became so detached….. a random thought hit me “what am I going to do with my life?” I look back on that road of life when that cheerful little girl had a smile on her face seeing her favorite chocolate and now she has lost her smile to someone waiting for someone till the end of the rainbow. Before world was bright and inexhaustible as every small thing was a wonder but now waiting for that magic moment when the shady clouds would take a turn back home.
The night goes away tossing and turning in sleep and when the sleep becomes sound the world of dreams becomes creepy and jumbled. I want to know the meaning of this life where life is a very big picture and I am a small part of it. Life seems like a stream that flows down the mountain crossing all the hurdles and moving on with its pace. Time flies and where am I??
I want to thank that little girl in me few years back who was incredible in every way and whose innocence made me what I am today. I am sorry that that girl is gone now and her doll is replaced by this special someone. I just hope that my actions would create a ripple in the fabric of this world.


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