Dreams – not as simple as they seem!!

 Dreams are beautiful and dreams are never remembered. This is a fact! You wake up the next morning and all you remember is “I had a dream, it was beautiful “ but ask yourself “ what was the start of this dream and how did it ended?” this two are the unanswerable questions regarding every persons dreams. Also when in dream you travel too fast. A person must have dreamed of a whole event while sleeping but when you wake up it’s been just 15 minutes of your actual time.

You don’t remember dreams – when you wake up after having a dream you just remember half of it and after 10 minutes from that time only 10% of your dream can be actually recalled by you. Also whenever you dream you tend to see faces that play different roles in your dreams. Remember! This are not fake faces but they are the people whom you have seen at some point of your life sometime and the impressions have been left back in your subconscious mind. Also this face must be very very old. You must have actually seen that person in your childhood and have dreamed of him in your teenager. Remember, your dream would only show you faces whom you have actually seen.
One interesting fact about dreaming at night is that you always dream in black and white. Do any one of you remember the color of the t-shirt that you were wearing while in that dream? That’s because only 12% of the total population have that capability to have colored dreams rest all have black and white dreams. Also all your dreams would have something in common, a common theme probably. You must have noticed that you dream of the same place with different characters and after waking up you do not remember that place. That place must have left significance while you were a child or would be connected to your previous birth. Everything related to dreaming is associated with emotions and reality going parallel to each other.

All dreams have a language. It’s a symbolic language. Your each and every dream is trying to tell you something or is trying to give you some indication. Most of the times the unconscious mind confuses your real mind while encoding the dreams. When you are dreaming your whole body is paralyzed and is a person snores he is not dreaming.
Dreams are beautiful and scary as well. Dreams give you indications and are connected to your soul world. People travel in a third parallel world while dreaming. The dream symbols are highly confusing and most of us fail to encode the dreams. A dream hence always remains a dream!!


5 thoughts on “Dreams – not as simple as they seem!!

  1. it ws said tat earlier people saw dreams in black n white bcoz they were watchin MOVIES in black n white…n tats the major reason b/h colourful dreams nowadays n black n white dreams earlier…:)

  2. Juhi raises a good point. Rather than black and white dreams being the norm, it seems more likely that they were a trend caused by black and white films. After the popularization of color television (and certainly before black and white movies), I don’t see why a colorful waking experience would translate to a black and white dreaming experience.

    It would be really interesting if reports of black and white dreams prior to the cinema were common, but I haven’t seen any studies of that nature.

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